A New Beginning


The thrill of the moment just before the first step of a new adventure is my crack and I am undeniably it’s addict.  I have fed my addiction for years through travel, moving from one place to the next, and rarely saying no to a new opportunity.  I love the smell of a newborn baby, a brand new car, an unopened book, and number two pencils sharpened for the first time.

After writing for more than 8 years on Traveling Mama, I knew it was time to start a new site, but suddenly the thrill of starting something new felt a little bit overwhelming.  Doubt began to creep in as I contemplated what a new site might look like, what it would be called, and what it would be about.  The fear of creating a place where I might find myself all alone haunted me, and yet, I knew that it was time to start afresh into a new future.

I would love to say that House of Valentina will be a place where perfection will be achieved and all of the mistakes and blunders I made along the way with Traveling Mama will no longer exist, but I think our journey is oftentimes far more important than any destination and perfection an unachievable illusion.

With that said, what I hope you will find here at House of Valentina is an extension of many the conversations we have already begun on Traveling Mama about design, home life, art, architecture, photography, and with many more new conversations beginning.

It is time to set aside the fear of the unknown and embrace the moment just before we jump.  Ready, set, go…