House Hunting! The Transitional Fixer

Transitional Fixer :: House of Valentina We are doing a little house hunting now that it's looking like we might just settle down here in Atlanta.  With very little idea of what homes are out there and what our money can buy, we have been checking out a few different types of homes and today I am excited to share the Transitional Fixer with you!

The previous owners have taken what, from the outside, appears to be somewhat traditional and blended it with a more contemporary layout.  The landscaping on this house is beautiful and well on its way to being a true oasis, but the inside is in need of some serious help.  New flooring throughout, new sinks, cabinets... shower doors that won't open, light switches in need of rewiring...

The layout may not work for our family, which is our biggest concern beyond the fact that the home is quite dark (except for that AMAZING living room with the skylights!)  Check out the video and see if you like the Transitional Fixer.  We would love to hear what you think and whether this one might be worth fixing up!

I'm dying to put concrete floors throughout and paint the entire thing either white or pale grey, but the kitchen is ultra traditional (and not my personal style) so that would have to be changed out.  We also have to be mindful that not being in the center of the city, these sort of contemporary/modern changes might freak out buyers when we try to sell the house someday in the future.  Lots to think about for sure!