This home got stuck in my brain :: Sara Costello

one kings lane_sara costello_LIVING ROOM FIREPLACE This home got stuck in my brain like a song stuck on a broken record. According to Google there are only four effective ways to remedy this problem:

  1. Listen to the song all the way through. Most stuck songs, or "earworms," are actually parts of a song, such as a catchy chorus or even just a line or two. ...
  2. Look up the lyrics. ...
  3. Play the song on an instrument. ...
  4. Visualize the song changing. ...
  5. Picture the song ending.

Since I don't want this house to end, I think we should:

  1. Visualize living there
  2. Imagine how life might be
  3. Figure out where Sara Costello shops
  4. and commit every last one of these photos to memory until we can repeat in our own homes.

Sara moved from New York down to New Orleans and brought all her magic from her time with Vogue and Domino with her (and her family, too)  This mansion, once the home of a merchant who climbed up on the roof to watch his inventory sailing by, has enough history to make any of us just a teensy bit jealous.  It's also packed with whimsy, personality, family life, and real soul.  Let's go see it!

Love the wild and free palms paired with the manicured lawn

one kings lane_sara costello_EXTERIOR

A dark bedroom is moody and sultry


While one of the three children's room is sweet and cuddly


A Four Poster Bed and John Robshaw linens are simple but powerful


A Ping Pong Table n the Dining Room is a sure sign of fun!


Mixed patterns and wall + trim painted all one color says that you don't take yourself too seriously.


Indoor Gardens are the epitome of simple luxury


A modern sofa and unstructured art are perfectly imperfect


A hat atop a bust is just awesome!


A room that is multi-purpose makes space for every activity


Stacks of books on the floor means that a home is growing with time.

one kings lane_sara costello_BOOKS

Striped outdoor fabrics are fun and casual.

one kings lane_sara costello_JUMPING IN POOL

A Gilt Mirror always draws attention.

one kings lane_sara costello_LIVING ROOM FIREPLACE

Painted Furniture, mirror, and a wicker chair make a quick outdoor room.

one kings lane_sara costello_SON ON PORCH

Apparently my husband is not the only one who brings trees indoors!

one kings lane_sara costello_SUN ROOM TABLE

A simple metal chair can be budget friendly and cozy!


Velvet Anything + A Gilt Mirror + Statement lighting?  O.M.G.


This plus so much more of Sara Ruffin Costello's home here.

All Photos: Sara Ruffin Costello