Holy Malawi Chair! This Just Got Real.

Malawi Chair

Rattan and wicker.  They are the coconut scented sunscreen and bathing suits of chairs.  Even if you are 10.6k miles from the sea or any other body of water than might get a ray of sun, these woven materials just make it feel like summer is here... and with it, possibility and endless bliss.

Enough said, right?  Who needs more coaxing to pop a few of these Malawi chairs into their cart and sail down the virtual shopping aisle?  Not me!  BUT, did you know that if you purchase from CB2 (the least expensive place I could find online anyways) you actually get to save Africa.  No freaking kidding.  You can literally save an entire village... while shopping.

malawi-chair_2 malawi-chair_5

Who knew shopping could be so life altering!  Each one of these chairs is hand woven and even hand knotted out of bamboo to create a truly artisan piece.  Each one is signed, too.  I love that!  Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate the Malawi Chair into your home...


Use pale colors on the wall, accent with vintage portraits, and go dark with your chair.

Malawi Chair | House of Valentina


Add palms, a deep wall color, and florals + linen (all affordable at H&M home!)

Malawi Chair | House of Valentina

Earthy Modern:

Use Sheepskin, a bohemian rug, and modern accents to bring the Malawi chair indoors (this one is $399 at CB2)

Malawi Chair | House of Valentina

Use them in the Dining Room:

Pair a set of chairs with a beaded chandelier, an oversized bohemian wall mirror, a distressed table, and wood accents for a relaxed atmosphere.


The Outdoor Dining Room:

Go Natural Chair with a wood outdoor table or white chairs with wood (image one and two)

Malawi Chair | House of Valentina

Malawi Chair | House of Valentina

In the Corner

Create a cozy place to sit with a graphic pillow + baskets overflowing with green

Malawi Chair | House of Valentina

In the bathroom

The Lace Jute rug (starting at $64!) + The Claw foot Tub + A Laundry basket with handles for easy toting?  LOVE!

Malawi Chair | House of Valentina

Go Bold:

Paint it bright turquoise... or orange or pink or whatever strikes your fancy!


Malawi Chair

What a great and versatile chair, right?  Where would you put the Malawi chair in your home?