HELP! Which Floors Would You Choose?


It's been 18 months with our original 1994 white carpet and our patience is about to pay off.  I've been saving up since we moved in and I've had my eye on the prize... reclaimed wood flooring.

But now as the decision is nearly upon me... I'm gripped with indecision!  We are doing the entire main floor AND the kitchen so it's going to be dusty around our place for a few weeks while we get all this done!

My biggest debate around the flooring has been whether to go with a site finished hardwood or a prefinished hardwood.  So far EVERYONE in the industry is recommending prefinished because its less messy and they all SWEAR its longer lasting and more durable.

I met with Athena today from Authentic Reclaimed Floors and now I am really leaning towards their reclaimed options... but I have no idea which color to choose!

What would you choose?