Hate To Tell You This, But Your Walls Are Talking


Moody Scandinavian

Maybe it was a cast off, maybe it was a hand-me-down, or maybe it was a lapse in judgement, but if you have the wrong artwork on your walls it is still talking.

Whether we like it or not, our homes say something about us.  The colors we choose, the furnishings, the finishes, and most definitely, the art we hang send a message not only to our guests, but also to us.  This home felt so moving to me, so full of wanderlust, so powerful yet delicate and when I really tried to dissect what exactly gave it that feeling, I realized that the artwork was driving the mood in this home, which got me thinking about something my mom said recently about her choice in artwork.  She said that it reminded her of the places she had been and transported her.  I love that!

One of the biggest choices we make, whether we are just moving into our space or we are contemplating a little makeover, is our artwork.  Rather than throwing something up on your walls that you happen to own or maybe was given to you as a gift, consider the mood it sets for your space.  Your walls are talking and you get to decide what they are going to say!

Moody Scandinavian2

Moody Scandinavian4

Moody Scandinavian5

Moody Scandinavian6

Moody Scandinavian9

Moody Scandinavian10

Moody Scandinavian11

Moody Scandinavian12

Moody Scandinavian13

Photos via Bo|Sthlm

Here are a few great ways to add tons of Mood to Your spaces:

1. Consider power statement lighting that compliments your artwork.

2. Keep your furniture minimalistic to let the artwork really stand out.

3. Add darkness and moodiness with soulful photography.

4. Use minimalistic landscape photography to ground your room.

5. Add some humor and some glam to every space.

6. Add a leather pouf so you have somewhere to sit and enjoy all your artwork!