Greek To Me, What Chanel Is Saying To You.

Everything was easy, not contrived.  This is the modern message to me"  Karl Lagerfeld

Even if you consider your world a million miles away from the runways of Paris, Chanel has a message for you and you might actually find it pretty interesting.

I've heard a lot of people complain that fashion is a waste, it's superficial, and it's ridiculous.  And sometimes those complaints are justified.  But there is a flip side of fashion that I think makes it worth following because it actually means something to each one of us, whether we see it immediately or not.

Fashion is considered an art.  It is a way of speaking back to the world for a designer.  It is his or her response to what is being seen and heard.

The Modernity of Antiquity"

So, what does the Chanel collection that has gone Greek saying to you?  First, let's admit that our generation wants comfortable.  Second, we demand a sense of time and history.  Third, we hate one size fits all, especially when it comes to shape and fit.  Why can't I wear a toga one night and a belted shift the next?

Fashion always seeps into interiors.  It will always find its way to your home whether you have a million bucks to spend or five.  The trends start with the designers who have a keen sense of what people want (because if they didn't no one would buy anything and the designer would be out of a job.)  And then they flesh themselves out in interior trends, perhaps through materials, shapes, ease, and, to my Greek mother's delight, pattern.  (Bring on the Greek Key!  Opa!)

Don't take my word for it, though.  See if the Chanel Cruise 2018 line speaks a little to what you want...

Straight off the Runway:: (Can you choose a favorite?)

Reimagined florals:

Gladiators are back!


Geometric Pattern:

Scarf around the wrist:

Draped Halter Bathing Suit (LOVE this!)

Maxi style gets bedazzled:

Coins are back as a design element!

Casual Chic!:

Super high waisted + suspenders:

Tie waisted shift:

Royal Blue (a know a few ladies who will cheer that this!)

Drawstring Bag:

Braided Hair band:

Modified Choker:

Oversized silhouette:

Bold, Drapey Necklace:

Simple Dress + Bold Jewelry:

Vintage is always classic:

Tie Top + Sleeves, too:

Easy Lace:

Ruche Bathing Suit (GORGEOUS!):

Modified Cut out Suit:

Every day Glam:

Easy Wrapped Dress (I want this!):

Toga style!:

Bold Belt:

Pattern + Multiple Belts:

Mom Chic:

Wrapped Bathing Suit+ Kimono

Ruffle Bottom Dress:

Greek Style Cinched Waist:

It's Greek to me!

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