Grandma's Chest Has Never Looked This Good!

Wood Furniture | House of Valentina.jpg

Oftentimes when we are staging homes my sellers assume that we will be tossing out or selling off what they irreverently call “old junk.” It surprises them when I rush over and beg them to keep it. These pieces give homes warmth, character, and a sense of story that is very hard for me to create when I am starting from scratch.

Over and over I hear buyers saying that they love the way a home feels. It’s about the essence of the home and the way it feels to them that convinces them over and over to buy homes.

I thought this home was a great example of how you can easily incorporate “the old stuff” and really make a home feel extra special. I also love that the furniture is dark! It seems that lighter wood is very in right now but these darker pieces on pale gray walls look amazing when paired with a slinky silhouette white chair!

I also wish buyers wouldn’t be in such a rush to discard these honey toned floors. They are DIVINE!

Do you have any furniture you’ve got stashed away or not really using that might need a second glance?

Check out our listing here that features the elderly owner’s wood table and gorgeous honey toned floors!