Gothic Chic... Live Halloween EVERY day!


Every now and then I come across a home that I literally cannot tear myself away from.  It is as though there is so much magic within it's walls and every inch transports one.  

This home is Sweden defies everything that Swedes are most known for.  It's colorful (though admittedly a little monochromatic in it's own way), it's full of pattern, there's massive amounts of art, and it feels as though a French artist must surely create daily in such a place.

It is flawed.  The ones are not straight.  It's a little wild... a little free.  And the slightly gothic feel is very victorian and mysterious.  How perfect for Halloween!

Oh, what delight this home tour is... now if only I had the money to buy it, lock, stock, and barrel! Only 3,500,000 swedish kroner (It sounds better in dollars.  What a steal at $430,000!)

Valentina Fussell1 Comment