Good Galley Kitchens Are Like Fine Chocolate...



In a time when everyone is ripping out walls, opening up their kitchens, and choosing to dine-in, I still think there is something to say for a good galley kitchen.  Obviously some are awful.  It's why people shy away from homes and apartments with them, but the truth is that some galley kitchens are awesome.

Kitchens are a lot like chocolate.  They come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some are high quality while others are not so great.  A good galley kitchen is like fine chocolate because the focus isn't on bigger and better, but making every little bit count.

When designed correctly they are highly efficient and they make use of a smaller footprint, which can be really good if you don't have a ton of space.

We've been living in our apartment for a couple months and are pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoy our galley kitchen.  Even with five of us gathering in there, it still works.  The first main critique I have for my kitchen is the lack of window light (though I am certain my neighbor on the other side appreciates his privacy.)  Second, I would have lowered the counter top that faces into the living room and made an extra seating area, but other than that, I'm pretty happy.

The big pantry at the end of the kitchen is HUGE. I've had other galley kitchens without storage and I think ones like that are why people generally hate them.  A good distance between each side is imperative.

Do any of you have or have you had a galley kitchen?  Complaints? Likes?


Photography and Styling: Valentina Fussell