Go Green, Without Even Hugging a Tree!

Go Green.  As if trying to predict the future did not require enough nerve, now I'm downright stating that I was right.  There.  I said it.  I was right.  No sooner do I start to shout out that green is coming and then it starts popping up everywhere.  Was it already there before and I'm just calling what I see?  Maybe, but either way there is more proof lurking about the internet that green is here to stay... which is super good news for a plant lady... and her green loving 8 year old.  As far as I'm concerned, green is a neutral and is always fashionable when done right.  Clearly I am partial.

See if you can find a shade and style that suits you... and my apologies to those who just painted the walls grey.  (Try adding a pillow!  or accent with wallpaper! or go green with your tile!  Or with your Artwork!  There are so many different kinds!)