Get Your Dream Home Without Surgery


jenna-living-room2 We all love a good transformation.  It's kind of hard not to.  TV has literally bombarded us for more than a decade with shows filled with them.  Been ugly all your life?  No worries, we'll fix that.  Or maybe you just can't seem to mix plaid and stripes the right way?  There's someone ready to tell you what not to wear!  Bought a dumpy house?  Hand it over to the production, construction, and decoration crew of Chip and Joanna Gaines!  They will shiplap you up and whip up some farm house chic!

Surely there is an easier way that doesn't involve surgery, a major intervention, or a 50 member production crew to get your dream home?

So what do you need to make a house your home?  If you are like Roman and William, you need some paint, furnishings, and a whole lot of you.  That's it.

Roman and William transformed Jenna Lyon's home, which could possibly be the most popular home tour of all time... at least as far as the internet and pinterest are concerned.  How dare them, right?  Why didn't they just move into her home, her design?  Many of us would have called it perfection.

But they didn't.  They had a different idea of how they wanted to live.

Both versions of this New York Brownstone are brilliant.  Each one represents the unique family that created a home within these walls... without any gimmicks or massive structural changes.  (Well, ok.  They did add in a new kitchen, but they could have simply painted it and gotten some serious wow factor!)

I say all this because I don't know about you, but I struggle with wanting to overhaul a home, but I'm busy helping others find their way home.  I don't want to spend the next year trying to renovate mine!  Buyers struggle because they either can't see themselves in someone else's decor or they want to live the "transformation dream."  Either way, it leaves a lot of people feeling unsatisfied and frustrated.

This is proof that with paint, paper, and you own flair, you can get major YOU factor!

Check out both home tours and see if you find a favorite idea that you would love to add to your home!












All photography: My Domain