Forget The Kitchen... The Dining Room Office


Dining Room Office

“I don’t have a lot of normal days,”

says design entrepreneur Christiane Lemieux, founder of Dwell Studio.  Christine has recently launched her yet another line that is epic and gorgeous called Cloth and Company.  And while I quickly added several items to my wish list, it is her dining room office that really caught my eye.

I've noticed lately that the office in the kitchen is slowly going out of style while the dining room office is starting to make some serious headway.  The kitchen is just too small for the busy lives we women keep.  If you add in the fact that many of us are now working from home or just have a busy schedule that demands a little more space than a small corner of the kitchen, we ladies seem to be busting out!  (And maybe some of you guys, too?)

We've been house hunting lately and I was just talking about taking over the dining room.  I would much prefer to choose practicality over tradition.  I once turned our dining room into a playroom, so why not a home office?  It's great because it uses the space rather than cramming in a desk somewhere else while a room sits unused for 99.9% of the year.

When you consider changes like these, it's not such a bad idea to think through resale potential.  Unless you plan to stay in your home for ever and ever, amen, then you might have to convert it back to it's original purpose to help buyers visualize themselves in the space... though with this trend getting bigger, you may not have to.

When Thanksgiving rolls around, just unplug the computers, put the books back on the shelf and voila, the dining room is ready for entertaining!

Here are some great pieces to help you get started on your Dining Room Office ::

Dining Room Office | House of Valentina

1.Antique Chandelier :: $1849 2. Black Bookcase :: $2935 3. Armadillo Paperweight :: $39  4. Leonardo Di Vinci Book  :: $47.22 5. Carson Accent Chair :: $605  6. Extendable Dining Table :: 397.99  7. Bubble Vase :: 17.99  8. Danish Modern Chair :: $550 (Or this one for only $299)

Photo via One Kings Lane