Throw a BYOF party! (Bring Your Own Flowers!)


Morgan, one of the co-owners of the floral design company, Camille and Gray, came yesterday morning looking so charming in her green hunter wellies, her hair tied back, and a bucket of flowers in her arms.

(Last week guests arrived in their robes and carrying bubble bath, so you really never know what to expect at our little House of Valentina!)

Morgan created the most amazing floral arrangement I have ever seen (totally pinterest worthy!!)  It was the best way I could imagine celebrating the completion of our master bathroom remodel (and I promise not to drag out the reveal much longer!  We really are done... well, except for the glass door, but I digress!)

It really got me thinking.

What if I could buy that big house I've been dreaming of and bring in floral designers (I was already dropping hints to Morgan) who could not only treat us to their arrangements (byoc... bring your own container) but also do classes and teach us how to create our own?

Would we want it?  Would we pay for it?  Wouldn't we enjoy it so, so much?


Here's a little teaser of what Morgan could teach us... First, soak an oasis and use it to hold your arrangement together.

Build the front of the arrangement first...

Add more greenery to the back to save on money...

Just be sure to add one or two blooms back there, especially if there is a mirror behind it...

Allow your arrangements to have a more organic feel ...

Design on the spot so your masterpiece fits perfectly where you planned!

With Mother's Day and wedding season fast approaching, I highly recommend taking a peek at Camille and Gray (though clearly I think any day is worth celebrating!)