Flower Delivery You Will Beg For...

Emily ThompsonFlowers.png

Some people seem to have been kissed by angels, or at least that was the thought running through my mind as I looked through the portfolio of Emily Thompson Flowers today.  How can someone have such vision for the arrangement of nature, making it look equally natural and supernatural all  in the same moment?

While being world renowned for everything from art installations to Le Coucou, it was the home installation done for the British expats living in a New York brownstone that truly captivated me.  Can you imagine having your florals done by Emily Thompson Flowers every week?  I, for one, have a vivid imagination... so I'm going to close my eyes for just a moment and pretend that this world of magic is all mine...

Le Coucou:

and now the Bank Street Townhouse... I love the little bird!

Anyone else ready to beg for more?  I'm truly smitten!  And so inspired to create even just one little Emily Thompson inspired arrangement for my own home!