Feminism Meets Homewares:: The Ultimate Act of Femininity

Feminism Meets Modern Homewares

I remember when we first moved to Copenhagen and went to see our first apartment.  I couldn't get over how masculine it was (and RED.)  I think one of you even said that it looked like someone had painted the master bedroom in blood.  Scary.  Very scary.  It wasn't really the best first impression of "Modern" especially since up until that point I had always equated modern with contemporary which hardly anyone seems to really relate to.

Feminism Meets Modern Homewares

Can Girls be


Feminine & Modern?


It begged me to wonder... can one be both modern and feminine?  Which, when I asked myself, seemed so immediately stupid that I kinda snort laughed at myself.  Um. Duh.  Why on earth not? Honestly, I feel like I owe women of all ages a resounding apology for even asking.

It's the generation of feminism's full realization, where every super hero is a woman and men seemed to have fallen off the planet, or perhaps they are just supporting it while we women rule it?  

So, while I am making a massive assumption that you agree with my deduction about modernity and femininity, then one must ask next... Do I want to be modern and feminine?  One glance at CB2's latest collaboration and I am saying heck yeah..  

Chinoiserie mixed with modern leather benches?  I'm all in.  Well, mostly.  I'll probably pass on the overly frilly china (I'm sure those will be my bff's favorite!), but the chairs, the sofa, and the tables?  I'm in love.  And I can't seem to tear myself away from the Curve Ball Match Striker.  What is it about that?  Don't you think it's so cool?  At $49.95 it's a bit of a commitment but I'm very tempted! 

Feminism Meets Modern Homewares

"Our priority was to nail this juxtaposition of functionality and elegance."

What keeps me looking at it over and over is the shapes, especially in the legs of the sofa and the tables.  It's very Joseph Dirand.  But it's affordable.  

Feminism meets Homewares

It's our right.

Love it.

To apply pink to modern shapes and a vase overflowing with flowers to a slim table is just fun.  And feminine.  And the right of every woman to own it and love it.

 Check out the full collection at CB2.

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