The Exploding mattress :: To memory foam or not...


Memory Foam Mattress review We've got another video live for you and this time we have a memory foam mattress review to share, which we bought at Costco due to our limited time frame between when we leased our place and moved in.  We know these videos are a lot more raw and heavily under produced, but we want to share little glimpses into the real life happenings of moving back to the US.  Some days are definitely more glamorous that others!

We'd love to know if you like these types of videos and if you hope to see more... or if we should bring back the GLAM?

The modern bed

So... sweaty, tired, broken down... I think any bed would have felt good after 12 hours of moving!  But what do we think after 2 weeks with this mattress, especially since Jack loves a rock solid bed and I want to sleep on a cloud of pixie dust?

Bottom Line: I added a thin layer of extra Memory Foam to my side and we are both sleeping great...

Would we recommend it?  Definitely!

We probably could have saved some money if we had been able to wait for one of these options

And we could have helped the homeless with the Leesa, but we are pleased with what we ended up with... even if the unveiling was... what shall we call it... explosive... or not.