Every Good After Starts With a Before


It's not that I have a thing against stripes.  In fact I think they are kind of cool and have untapped potential.  But these stripes?  Boooring.  And completely dingy in a not so cool way.  They need to go.  The only problem is that I am kind of tapped out for a few weeks.  I maaay have gone a little overboard on the master bathroom.

And I'm saving up for new hardwood floors.  So after deciding that the bathroom HAD to be painted about four months ago, I somewhat put myself on the hook to do SOMETHING. Anything!  I can't just leave it with a bunch of stripes and then a swatch of two greens, right?

Phase one will include: paint, a new light, new mirror, and cabinet pulls.  Phase two will include new flooring... because yet again someone decided carpet in the bathroom was a good idea.  Eww!

Here's where we are coming from...

Here's where we are going...

Linen, metal, leather, boats, sports, and Chelsea Green on the walls!  What do you think?  Do you think it will turn out?