3.5 million Buys a Traditional Swedish House?


Traditional Swedish House If you happen to have a lean 3.5 million bucks in your pocket and don't mind driving 25 minutes east of Stockholm, Sweden, boy oh boy, have I found a traditional Swedish House for you.  (And yes, I do actually house hunt in foreign countries for fun... while I'm not house hunting or house selling in my own hood with clients.  I am a woman of singular interests!)

Forget the price tag for just a minute and inhale this home slowly with a nice deep breath.  It's packed with trends you may see coming across the water soon and there are some design ideas you can steal that will fit in any budget!  Plus, I think modern Scandinavian design gets a lot of air time, but they are quite ingenious with traditional and transitional design as well!

Plants: I know.  I talk about them all the time.  But they make such a huge impact for so little money!  Find Similar pot here.

A Kvanum kitchen is proof that the shaker style kitchen is classic.  (I love that they paired it with IKEA chairs!)

Aga is forever!  And so is subway tile, even in a traditional kitchen!Modern sofas are brilliant with classic and tailored lines.  A beautiful blanket gives it pop!

A cozy seating area is perfect for drinks with friends or a game night by the fire!  These tufted chairs + this mirror!

And did you notice those herringbone floors?  These floors are more expensive to install, but they are possible in the US!

I may be biased since we have this SAME set-up, but a traditional table + modern chairs is awesome! (Especially for clean up!)

Expect more Floral Wallpaper!  I know.  Kind of crazy, but I'm not the only one digging it!

Craftsmen style spindles are fast replacing the wrought iron ones and a black lacquered railing is timeless.

Did I mention wallpaper?  Here are a few options for everyone!

So glad I'm not the only one digging the vanity!

Classic Scandinavia... a room with a view... and cozy vintage chairs, too!

If one room with a view isn't enough...

Go for the clawfoot tub.  The decanters with soap in them is genius!

Do you think we will be seeing more black and white flooring?  I hope so!

Laura Ashley still does wallpaper for a reason.  Sigh...

We finish off our tour in the basement, with lime washed walls, stone floors, a wine cellar and it's very own indoor pool.  #wow #basementgoals

I'm definitely in need of a break on the American porch (the listing agent's way of describing it!)

What do you think?  Any trend you hope will find it's way to your home?

All photos: Per Jansson