Escaping Perpetual Winter In This Monochrome Home


Monochrome Bedroom :: Featured on House of Valentina

While the invention of color television is considered one of our recent history's greatest accomplishments, I have an apparent obsession for all things black and white.  I blame the Scandinavian winters.  They are like a scene out of Frozen in which we have been cursed into a perpetual winter.  Did the Scandinavians miss the message that, "Love thaws."  Or do we need a set of sister Princesses to help us with that?

Be glad you aren't sitting next to me.  You just missed a very compelling rendition of Olaf's strange but oddly promising ode to "suuuuuuumeeeeerrrr!!"

Before I wake my children and really freak out my husband, let's chat about this cool monochrome home in Sweden.  The bedroom bedside table is stacks of magazines and books, a feature I can definitely get behind and the industrial task light over the bed makes the room feel very urban.  The plaid pillow and herringbone blanket make it very inviting, though, don't you think? (This pillow + blanket wouldn't hurt either!)

I always waver between wanting something warm, cozy, and natural and these stark sort of monochromatic homes.  They offer such a serene and orderly escape, which can be tempting for any of us that faces a fast past and chaotic life.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons that I love the kid's bedroom in this home.  It is fun and lively, but still tranquil and sleep inducing.  We have many of the very same items in our boys' bedroom so I may be a bit biased.

Take a peek and see what you think.  No judgement if you want to sing along... because I don't know about where you are, but it's looking unlikely that we are going to getting much experience with warmth here. Monochrome Dining Room :: Featured on House of Valentina Monochrome Kitchen :: Featured on House of Valentina Monochrome Home :: Featured on House of Valentina Monochrome Living Room :: Featured on House of Valentina Monochrome Kid Bedroom :: Featured on House of Valentina Monochrome Kid Bedroom :: Featured on House of Valentina Monochrome Entry :: Featured on House of Valentina

Photos via Fantastic Frank


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