Do you Prefer to Go Au Natural? Be an Au Naturalist at Home!

How to Make Natural Cozy | House of Valentina

Being Naked should be the easiest way to make a room sexy, just like when it comes to people, but it’s not really the most practical thing unless you live in a minimalist nudist colony. One of my favorite things about working with my clients is really understanding who they are and what makes them tick.

For my naturalists, they tend to be drawn to warm woods, natural marble, earthy textures, linen, and even brick. They fear being boring and I understand why they might have that concern. An overly soothing home can put you right to sleep, which is perfect if all you want to do is sleep at home! But if you want something that feels a little jazzed up and exciting while still being au natural, we recommend balancing those natural materials with a bit of black. Shiny metals and a few well placed bold and modern pieces will take it right over the top.

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Photos via Alvhem

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