Are You Gridding Me? Thanks, Homey, for the Grid Obsession


Life of Homey OH My I don't spend much time thinking about grids.  Quite frankly the thought bores me... or at least it did until I discovered Amy Kim's blog, Homey Oh My.  Now, thanks to her, I have fallen down a rabbit hole of Grid Obsession that I am certain can only be rectified with a grid patterned purchase... though her DIY's are pretty epic, too.

While your life may be busy and packed with information being flung at you faster than subatomic particles, I am delighted to tell you that your time will not be wasted if you visit, Homey Oh My. Not only does Amy bring calm to this crazy world of chaos with lots of dependable & highly structured GRID, she has stocked her blog with countless amazing DIY ideas (not all focused upon my newly acquired grid obsession which I am now trying to pass off on you!)

You will also find on Homey Oh My, visions of the American West Coast that will make you want to pack up your house and join our upcoming adventure over there.  (I prefer company for my moments of insanity!)  Amy's style is quite Scandinavian and monochromatic, but she also has a great eye for catching moments that so many of us would likely whip by and never notice.

Here are some things you definitely should check out, but don't blame me if you need some GRID in your life after this:

DIY Geometric Candle Holders:

DIY Geometric Candle Holders

DIY Mini Plant Stands ::

DIY Mini Plant Stands

San Francisco ::

San Francisco

DIY Textured Planter::

DIY Textured Vase DIY Textured Vase



Plant Shopping::


Chocolate Chip Cookie Making::

Chocolate Chip Cookies

DIY Grid Planter ::

DIY Grid Planter

West Coast Daydreaming::

West Coast Daydreaming

DIY GRID Bulletin Board ::

DIY GRID Bulletin Board

Ranunculus ::


DIY Wood Desk Organizers (With a GRID, of course!)

DIY Wood Desk Organizers

Shopping Inspiration::

Shopping Inspo

I fell down a rabbit hole of desire after spotting Amy's grid sweater... see more links below!

Grid Sweater + Peonies

All photos via Homey Oh My by Amy Kim


Anyone else ready to join GOA? (Grid Obsessions Anonymous, obviously.)

Hi, My Name is Valentina and I am Obsessed with GRIDS::

If you love the GRID PATTERN, This Bedding needs to get in your shopping cart !

If you prefer to wear your Grid, You've got plenty to choose from!

If I could, I would lick this one, just so I could claim it!  (It's mine!)

But, don't worry.  There are enough of these, these, and these.