Keep Your $$ and Let's Do A DIY Living Room


It really doesn't matter whether you have lived in your house for a week, six months, or a lifetime.  There are areas of our house that need help and sometimes we simply need to save a few bucks to get what we want.  After the Christmas decorations came down and the realization that we were moving soon hit, I needed a few things to spruce up the living room for a few months until our departure from Copenhagen.

 So, I decided to do a DIY Living Room.

Of course, most people don't want their place to look like they DIY'ed it, so I really needed some ideas that would help me fly under the DIY radar and get the most bang for my no-bucks.  The first thing I did was hang up some photography I already had sitting in a mailing tube.

First, I used gold clips to "pin up" my winter photos.

This idea is fun because you can change out the artwork later.  Clearly I have a thing for a lack of permanence.  Maybe you do too?  Second, I used washi tape to tape a different architectural shot I had left sitting in that same mailing tube.  I was in a rush and this got the job done fast!

I just taped it right over the matting and didn't worry about expensive framing.

Third, I used stacks of magazines to make a power statement.

I already owned them, so this was free.  No expensive bookshelves were needed!

Finally, I snagged the lighting I already had in the kitchen to finish the branch that had been waiting for attention since Christmas.  I'm all about free when it comes to decorating.  There's a good chance that you could use all four of these tips if you search your own home today!

What other tips would you add to the DIY Living Room?

Copenhagen Living Room | House of Valentina

Copenhagen Living Room | House of Valentina

Copenhagen Living Room | House of Valentina

Copenhagen Living Room | House of Valentina