DIY Christmas Decor Idea :: Painted Pillow


Valentina Fussell Christmas DIY Pillow2

Christmas time can be a little stressful with so much hustle and bustle plus loads of gift buying and treat making.  This year get an early jump on decorating your home by creating this DIY Christmas Decor idea that will not only save you money, but help you create a one-of-a-kind design piece that will really personalize your spaces for the holidays.  Begin by gathering some inspiration and make a visual story board or a digital style board so all of your ideas remain cohesive to save yourself a lot of frustration and money!

I hope this DIY Painted Pillow will inspire you to create something truly unique for your home, but don't forget that this is a brilliant gift idea that your family and friends are sure to love receiving and the kids can get involved, too!

We've created a video with all the information you will need to create your own pillow plus my husband, my film maker and editor, included an outtake at the end which he says should encourage anyone to have fun, not to worry about the mistakes, and let the world know what a crazy wife you have whenever possible!

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