Denim is the New COMFORT FOOD!

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Denim Is

The New Athleisure

Let's Get Comfy! 

My mom always taught me to dress up.  For everything.  Period.  Done.  End of the story.  I grew up sleeping in curlers regularly and wearing prissy dresses frequently (the twirl factor kept me from resenting my mom for the rest of my life.)

Fashion icons like Tory Burch are declaring Athleisure is a new fashion category but there has been some push back and some are asking if we have gone too casual.

Enter denim.  The hero of the story.  She's here to save the day and bring comfort to the world, no matter what your day job demands.

I'm delighted. My daily uniform includes Denim, blouse, blazer, heels, and Statement Earrings.  And I've begun adding more denim to every part of my life... it is a celebration of what must be declared the most comfortable thing the world has yet to offer our wardrobe and our home.

Forget spandex and lycra... denim is the new comfort food...

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