Create Your Very Own FREE Art Wall!

You may not realize it, but you have everything you need at your fingertips to create a beautiful, jaw-dropping, and absolutely FREE art wall.  Well, if you live in an igloo with nothing more than a hand warmer and very thick winter boots, you might need to catch the next snowplow to town.  But the rest of you?  You've got great stuff hanging about your house.  A lot of you call it "junk" or "clutter."  I call it treasure!

So, your next task is to go treasure hunting in your own home.  Old newspaper clippings, book pages, family photos, post cards from your last trip, and even dried flowers make the perfect pieces for creating your own free art wall.  If you can hang it, it is fair fodder for your art wall.  If you've got kids on summer break right now, get them involved... or better yet, let them make their own!

Personally, I like to use washi tape and teensy tiny push pins to keep my art wall moveable and my paint job undamaged, but I probably have an issue with permanence that not everyone suffers from.  Either way, let your creativity flow and try not to create a pattern that is too purposeful.  Randomness reigns!  Tying your objects together by either color, texture, or theme, though will help it from feeling chaotic.

If you don't mind splurging and spending $5 for your art wall, click here for another great idea!

All photos and styling: Valentina Fussell