Christmas Puked :: Designing a Room For A Teen


Pink Christmas Story Board :: House of Valentina Kids are just like that.  They have no limitations when it comes to imagining a combination they want, whether it's a career path (I want to be a rock star nurse that hugs puppies all day...) or a room design.  Their tastes are free and uninhibited, which is one of the reasons creating a space for them can be so much fun, but it can also be challenging.  This year my daughter, Hailey, who is 14, asked that her room looked like Christmas puked all over it.  Gulp.  That sounds gross... and packed full of Christmas stuff, which is not my norm.  But my baby girl gets what she wants, so Christmas puke here we come!

Of course, I could just literally throw decorations at her room and I'm kind of certain in a very uneasy way that she would love that, too, but I probed a bit more.

"Can we theme the puke, Hailey?"

"Hmmm... Yes, mom, I want pink, animals, and more pink... and more cute animals... and cute stuff." Alright.


From there we chatted about her new duvet cover and how that could be our inspiration springboard.  We decided to use the deep pomegranate, the warm forrest green, the pale blush pink, the light mint, and the woodland creatures from the fabric to create a color combination for her room.  (The cover is from H&M home and is super affordable!)

Then we scoured pinterest, magazines, and the shops for inspiration and product possibilities.  Hailey is also super sentimental, which, in a way, helped keep the costs down because she didn't want a ton of new stuff.  She likes using the same things she always uses for Christmas.  Today I am excited to share some of the photos with you that we found inspiring and then tomorrow I will show you her room with a video tour.  (There is a little sneak peek on Instagram if you are interested!)


Pink Christmas :: House of Valentina

Forrest :: House of Valentina

Christmas Table


Christmas Cookies :: House of Valentina


Snow Fox :: House of ValentinaPink Christmas :: House of ValentinaSnowy Forrest :: House of Valentina

Pink Living Room :: House of Valentina

Pink Christmas Tree :: House of Valentina

Reindeer :: House of Valentina

Pink Christmas + White tree :: House of Valentina

We cannot wait to share the final reveal with you tomorrow!