Christmas Ideas 2016 For Every Budget + Style

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2016 Ready for a dose of Christmas Ideas 2016?  Here we go!

You've just closed on your house and your entire life is still packed in boxes.  What's the first thing you do?  Decorate the Christmas tree! ... Or if you are my husband, you go outside and start throwing lights at bushes... while you wife yells at you that she would like to find her shoes before decorating, but then sneaks off and throws a wreath and garland at the door.

What?  You aren't crazy like us?  

Christmas is pure magic.  Well, mostly.  Sure, it's expensive and the kids' wish lists make you feel wholly inadequate as a provider, but dog gonnit', whether you have just closed on your house, you are thinking about moving in the spring, or you've been there forever and ever, amen, there's just something special about the season.

It's the shouts of joy, the twinkle in their eyes, and all those cookies that make you do it over and over again.

I've been seeing SO much inspiration about the internet these days.  I had to share some of my favorites with you!  I've got some great ideas, some budget friendly DIY's, and, of course, cookies!!

Go crazy and make adorable cut out cookies.  I love the snow globe cookie cutter!  SO cute!

Christmas Cookies

Or Make Mini gingerbread cake toppers.  I'm getting my kids on this one!

Gingerbread Cake Decorations

Create DIY garland

Add the red, the glam, and a zebra rug!


Or pair red with the raw and natural...

Create a Christmas tree with frames.

Or layer up the red plates...

Elegant + Red Christmas Decorations

Don't forget the kiddos!


A red Felt Ball Garland adds a punch!


Just remember...

Add lights and lots of white...

Scandinavian Christmas 2016 IKEA

Keep it Simple.  Christmas does't have to be over the top to be incredible!

Scandinavian christmas tree stylizimo

Use your glass domes to display mini gingerbread houses...


Choose a Flocked tree... And add a boa!


Use Eucalyptus to decorate rather than evergreen.


Def check out these christmas pillows (and the rest of the shop!)


Set the Table (on a budget!)


Add a glow...

Budget Friendly Christmas Decorations

Go for the Gold!

Budget Friendly Christmas Decorations

Antlers are always cool


Follow simple steps to create your own wreath


Strive for imperfect Christmas decorations.  Those memories will last you forever!


Finally an easy peasy ornament DIY!


Add a touch of glam without breaking the bank...

Budget Friendly Christmas Decorations Warm + Modern + Elegant Christmas

Use our Branch DIY and then add the elegance...Christmas branch DIY