Can You Feel The Power Couple In this Home?


I always think it's funny when someone refers to a married pair as a "power couple" but when it's Architectural Digest using the term my ears definitely perk up.  She, a CEO of Clique, a digital firm with Who What Wear on its roster, and he a commercial photographer with names like Jennifer Lawrence and Cindy Crawford in his portfolio... well, it just sounds like success and style should just be oozing out of their home... and maybe that's why I can't seem to tear myself away from their home tour.  

It's not completely my personal style, but something about it feels incredibly stylish and yet equally approachable, something I think most of us would love for our home to feel.  And I think there is an enormous value in evaluating the "secret sauce" that someone else uses to make a home so intriguing.

Here is what I took away:


Go black in the kitchen

It's dramatic and elegant

I've been debating a black kitchen for a long while and seeing their kitchen makes me want to jump headlong into my own reno.  So many people tell me that it will be too dark, but this isn't dark or heavy at all!


Mix your


I say that all the time!

Wood, Leather, Metal, Paper... Even when it's super tidy, a mix of materials always make a space more interesting.



Create spaces that are inviting and cozy.  A warm color on the shelves echoes the perfect imperfections of the soot filled fireplace.  Someone actually uses that thing! 


Embrace the Light

Don't cover up your greatest asset with heavy drapes and blinds.  Let the light shine in!


Mix Your Styles

Eclectic is TOTALLY in.

A traditional basket with a classic rug, a modern tub, and a mid century piece of art?  GENIUS.  You aren't one thing and your home doesn't have to be either.


Invest in great pieces for kids that will take them from infancy to adulthood.  They will love growing up with their furniture and even taking it with them to their first home!


You are a Family

Not a design statement 

Don't forget that your home is an extension of you and the wonderful people you share it with.  Let go of trends and design magazines and focus on creating a home that is personal and really represents the life you are living!