Help!! I can't Choose a Makeup Vanity!!


Bathroom Remodel So there it is in all its glory.  A gaping square hole where the vanity used to be.  Rather than keeping our vanities separate, we bought a beautiful double sink for what used to be my area with the sitting vanity with the assumption that we would fill his side with a lovely piece of furniture with a mirror for my makeup vanity.

Here's the other side where the double vanity will go:


Furniture vanity

So, I've been on the hunt for just the right piece to coordinate with the larger vanity.  A standard double desk size is about 55" and I have a max of 43.75".  I really want something vintage or antique if possible, but I have been having a time of it!

I love this desk but it's backside is rounded.  I'm worried it will look weird in the nook and I really wanted something darker to compliment the black tub... but I could do a black mirror and this has the dark handles...  What do you think?  Is it too gray with the wood vanity on the other side??Vanity vintage desk

Here's the two wall colors that we are going back and forth about.  I want taupe:


And he wants gray (like the rest of the house.  yawn.  yawn.  Clearly I am giving an unbiased opinion!):



Here are a couple other options I have been considering:

Antique Desk for $795.  But won't the colors clash?  I could never paint this one!

antique desk

RH Teen and $861 and only 45"wide so lots of empty space on either side.  Bigger version is one inch too big!


Writing Desk for $469.99 Would just fit but might blend in too much with the taupe I want or even the gray he wants!


whopping $999 but very pretty.  Again, no pop against the taupe/greige wall we had planned....


Almost perfect, but SOLD.  ARGH!!  was $450 but maybe more drawers would be nice?

vintage vanity

Unpainted Mahogany for $449.99.  Kind of expensive with shipping to still need to paint.

Vintage Mahogany desk

Industrial $399.99 But maybe a little too industrial?

Industrial Desk

FOUND IT!  Oh, wait.  It's sold and it's pick up only outside Philly.  Bummer.  $425 would have been great!

vintage industrial desk

What do you think?  Have a favorite or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear!