Get In My closet :: Buying Clothes When You live among Swedish Models

Crane Armoire When you spend six years living among 6' giants, or the equivalent to the Swedish model, shopping in their clothing stores as a petite makes buying clothes a tricky business.  My daughter, Hailey, and I went on a shopping date this weekend for her 15th birthday (which is today!) but neither of us bought any clothing because we know we are about to be in the US.   Despite all the dreams of a wardrobe full of European clothing, we find it difficult to purchase a pair of jeans that do not look like we have knee caps in the middle of our shins or the sleeve has to be rolled to hide the fact that it reaches past our finger tips!

So, I hope you will indulge my wish listing here, because we are going to go CRAZY shopping when we hit the US and no longer have to worry about what will fit in a shipping container or our 2 suitcase per person allowance!  (but for those of you in Europe, most of these items are available here as well!!)

I've created three looks that include Classic, Casual, & Chic pieces that can all be mixed to create many different outfits and are sure to make you shout, "Get In My Closet!" (Which will preferably be the BEAUTIFUL Crane Closet featured above!)


Get In My Closet:: Classic ChicWhite Lace Blouse (EU) 2. Black Blazer (EU) 3. Tortie Watch (EU) 4. Nail Polish (EU) 4. Skinny Jean (EU) 5. Heeled Sandal (Or this flat) (EU


Get In My Closet:: Weekend Shopping Date

 Perfect Little Bag (EU) 2. V Neck Tee 3. Stripe Sweater Jacket 4. Skinny Jean (EU) 5. Red Lipstick (EU) 6. Leaf Necklace


Get In My Closet:: Casual Glam

1.Black Peplum Top (EU) 2. Skinny Black Jean (EU) 3. Classic Trench (EU) 4. Modern Bracelet (EU) 5. Glam Earring (EU) 6. Watch 7. Gold Heel