I am slowly getting back up and running after our shipment arrived last week (I promise to share loads more very soon!)  Of course going from 10 suitcases plus beds and a tv on a cardboard box to a shipping crate full of boxes is exciting, but it has suddenly presented a new problem... where to put everything! Unlike a domestic move, when you ship things abroad everything must be opened, checked for broken items, and inventoried, so there's no setting the boxes to the side and getting to them a few months later. (A real temptation since we only rented our current place for six months!)

 I've spent the majority of my time getting the kids settled into their new rooms, but now I need a bit of budget friendly office inspiration and these photos from IKEA are definitely doing the trick.  (I know, I know.  IKEA?  Aren't they the kid killers?  Seriously, guys.  Anchor ALL your dressers no matter where they hail from!)  Ok, I'm done being the mom.

Back to the office.  This space really is ingenious.  With a few shelves to hold inspiration photos, a few plants, and a very inexpensive table, this space is warm and inviting.  Even though there is no computer, don't you think one would look nice on the desk?  I might need to add a stack or two of magazines and some boxes for extra supplies, otherwise this looks suspiciously similar to how my office is shaping up at the moment! 

Technically the third image is in a separate space, but don't you think the crate shelving would look cool paired with this office?

Some items you may like if this office is your style:

These deep picture shelves are on sale and they come in black or white!

This NEON LIGHT is not only awesome, but it's affordable, too!

I love the worn patina on this desk.  Def got the wow factor!

A simple vase is an absolute staple for every home, no matter your style!