Denmark, Why Didn't you INVITE me??


Denmark's top Design Shop, Bo Concept, is about to make its big debut in Atlanta!  I. Wait.  Does that date say May 10th?  Well, shoot.  I missed the opening date!  Hey, you mean Denmark arrived and didn't even invite me??!  I think I know how this little girl felt...

And here I had planned out my perfect "cool" outfit, the only way to visit such a store... obviously.

I was going with  Messy hair, ripped skinny jeans, and a v-neck in any shade of the Danish rainbow (i.e. black, gray or light gray) Oh! and I couldn't forget the sneakers.  

I'm a little hurt for the lack of invite, but I know that many of my American clients would be completely perplexed by half of this store's contents.  Its sleek, slim, and oh-so-low to the ground.  

For some it might feel like visiting Mars, but the great news is whether you have decorated your house from roof to basement in Modern Farmhouse or you've jumped completely onboard to the Danish aesthetic, Bo Concept has something for everyone (and you really can wear anything you want to check out this Danish Mecca... which apparently opened weeks ago and obviously my invitation got lost in the mail... that's it.  That's what it must be.) 

Here are a few of my favorites: