Blank Space | When All You Have Is A Suitcase


Blank Space | House of Valentina-2 I'm sitting in a blank space, one that is no longer mine.  The furniture and everything that once filled this place have all been either packed or sold.

Terror of this moment has haunted me for months and yet as soon as the truck pulled away with what little we are shipping back to the US, I was at once filled with an overwhelming sense of fullness.  Even when I hardly have anything but the clothes on my back, I still feel like I have everything.

A blank page can feel overwhelming.  It stares us down.  Intimidates.  Terrifies.  It represents...




But if we can dig deep within, we will see it for what it truly is...  a moment of infinite possibility!  When nothing is written and absolute freedom demands that we open our arms wide and embrace, not what is, but what can be.   Instead of nothing... we have it all.

So, there it is...  Not an end, but a new beginning...

A clean slate...

A fresh start...


I have no idea where the next chapter is going to take us.

I have no idea where we will live or where my kids will go to school.

Nothing is certain and while I know I should probably feel afraid, I instead feel free.

I am going to "The Land of the free.  The Home of the brave."  How often I recited those words as a child with only a fleeting understanding of what they meant, but today they leap from the page of this chapter of my life and I feel compelled to embody those very principles.

I must be brave to be free and I must be free to be brave.

And so I am embracing this blank space... this blank page staring me in the face with courage and hope, excitement and fear, and great expectations that the land of opportunity will welcome me back and perhaps have even saved a little place of possibility for me... Blank Space | House of Valentina-4 Blank Space | House of Valentina-5


Photography: Jack Fussell