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Let's Shop for the Mini Me's!

'Cause they are so cute!

I wait all year for Christmas.  I am still JUST like a kid.  I never sleep on Christmas Eve because all I can think about is that GLORIOUS moment when my kids wake up, wait patiently on the stairs, and then we open presents, eat Monkey Bread and spend the entire day playing.  I'm getting excited just thinking about it!  eeekk!!

Playing it right with the gifts is super important.  Money isn't endless and few things stink more than buying a gift your kid immediately casts off to the side.  

Here is how we have always prioritized our choices: We always encourage imagination, wanderlust, fun, longevity, and a little bit of practicality.  We want our kids to keep believing in unicorns, rainbows, and exploration so we purposely look for things that will nudge them in that direction.

We've got loads of gift ideas and since time is running out we want to alert you to two deals that will ensure delivery before the big day: 

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1.  iPhone Charger Set $12.95   2.  Glitter Thinking Putty $12.95   3.  Luna The Unicorn $16.95   4.  Macaron Set $12   5.  Ballerina Jewelry Box (My daughter still uses hers!) $39   6.  Magical Jungle Coloring Book  $16.95    7.  Safari Toob (all time favorite kid gift.  They still ask for them!) $13.99   8.  Yarn Unicorn Kit $20   9.  unicorn LED $39.99   10. 2 Pack Dress $17.99   11.  Donut Earrings $20   12.  Unicorn Squishy (THE toy of the year!!) $16.99   13.  Madeleine Treasury $35   14.  Silicone Bear Night Light $15.99   15.  Table Topics (My kids LOVE these.  They are a great way to get to know your kids!) $9


Aurora Night Light Projector, Unicorn Lip Gloss, Bead Jewelry Kit, Mermaid Duvet (SO cute!), Mermaid sheet set , adorable animal socks! , Unicorn Sweater is to die for! , Fairy book Series by Daisy Meadows (my daughter's ALL TIME favorite series ever!), Unicorn Slippers ($9.99!)


1. Dragons Love Tacos (& the Sequel!) $13.50   2.  Dinosaur Hoodie (& Matching Sweatpants!) $29.99   3.  Dinosaur Poster $37   4.  Here we Are (Our favorite Author's Latest Release!!)  $19.99    5.  Dragons Love Tacos plush $19.99  6. Color Your Map Duvet (Love this!!) $49.95  7.  Wooden Crane Set $69    8.  Animal Crayons $14   9.  Camper Tent (OMG!  SO cute!!)  $199   10.  Star Wars Lego $9.99 & up, Get $25 off at Target online only!) 11.  BB8 Robot (Follows your child's voice commands!) $149.99   , Get $25 off at Target online only!)  12.  Scratch Wall Map $32   13.  Maps Book $35  14.  Car Carrying Bag (An all time fave for my boys!) $38 15.  S'more Campfire Set $69


Other Favorites: Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Getaway, Star Wars Nerf Guns, Box of Jokes, Lunchtime Notes (my kids LOVE these!), Triceratops Tacos Holders (adorbs!) $12, Soccer Mug with a Goal (Invented by kids for kids!)  $24, Bowling Pin set $59 , Magnetic Silly Putty $14

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