The Best Thing About Owning A Home

Without a doubt I think the best thing about owning a home is getting to DO whatever you want to it.  Of course some of those choices could come back to bite you later.  Maybe you don't need to feather the walls or tie dye the carpet, but paint is such an easy fix.  It also happens to make one of the biggest changes.

I am DYING over the deep, dark home of  David Chaplain, who works for Chanel and Alexandre Roussard, the head of architecture and merchandising for Diptyque.  (Have you smelled the Diptyque candles?  Worth every last cent!)

I always hate when someone asks me who I would want to meet if I could meet someone alive or dead.  UGH!  The pressure alone to find an answer that sounds clever and intellectual makes me hesitant to ever answer!  But I'm pretty sure I would love a visit to these guys' home.  Their occupation is about making people dream.  Wouldn't that be a wonderful profession?

With a cup of coffee in our hands, I would ask them a million questions.  Their interview on The Socialite Family is pretty enlightening, but I have more questions!

How do you strike the right balance of dark moodiness and bright color?

Where do you find all your busts?  I need to go there to feed my obsession!

Did you purposely grow your plant to overhang your shelf or did that just happen naturally with time?

Where does painting the trim the same color as the wall originate?  I LOVE it... Clearly!

Do you buy what you love and find a place for it or do you shop for your empty space?

Isn't is amazing how much greenery will enliven the look of a room?

Do you think wallpaper is here to stay?

And do you think gold is here to stay as well?

How do you know when patterns go together?

Once you go dark do you ever go back to the light?

These Photos & more at The Socialite Family via Habitually Chic