What I found When I Googled Best Hipster Shopping Miami


Times are changing for sure.  Most of us rarely consult a guide book these days when we hit a new town.  Instead we opt to Google "Best Shopping Miami" which unfortunately will lead you down a path towards South Beach, H&M, and Zara.  Which, don't get me wrong, I kind of like.  But I have those in my town and I have the internet.  So. I googled "Best Hipster Shopping Miami" and that's when I hit the gold mine.

Independent shopping to our hearts' content was laid at our feet at the Wynwood Arts District in Miami.  I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven if it hadn't been nearly 100 degrees that day.  But who needs roads paved with gold when they can be paved with art instead?

There literally were not enough hours to shop all the cool places. And so many options to undecorate with.  With three kids along for the ride, we shopped til they dropped. Then we stopped someone who was carrying one of the boxes that practically everyone had in their hands.  Because apparently if you want to look like a local, you cannot be seen on the streets of Wynwood without a box from The Salty Donut.  (Just trying to keep you hip and cool!)

Here are some of our favorites but be sure to arrive early and plan to stay.  We didn't even scratch the surface!

Nomad Tribe: Global, Responsible, Cool...

Photo Moment: Miami Bomb Squad Shop Basico: The perfect blend of vintage and manly glam

Photo Moment: We never turn down a Place to Kiss

Aesop: Literally THE best face and body products on the planet (No store in the world is the same!) 

Plant The Future : Where art and plants meet.

Photo Moment: Red, white, & Blue!

Shinola: The brand that is single handedly saving Detroit!

Photo Moment: Floral on Floral!

Panther Coffee : Hip, Woodsy, & Great iced coffees! 

Photo Moment: Bikes on a crowd

Frangipani : Scandinavian Design + Handmade heaven!

The Salty Donut: Get there early.  They sell out!

Photo Moment: Flower Art rocks!

Patrizia Bozzi : White, Clean, and just a little Mediterranean

Photo Moment: Life is Too Short to Sit in the Passenger Seat