Best Interior Design Books That Your home is begging for


Best Interior Design Books :: Recommended by House of Valentina The invention of pinterest and Instagram have been life altering, as in, we once had hours to do all sorts of things like run laundry, meet up for coffee dates with friends, and make dinners, but these days, we spend more time pinning what we could do rather than what we are.  Or am I the only guilty party?  If I am then lock me up, baby, because I seriously don't care.I love them both dearly and find them to be an endless source of inspiration.

BUT, as you might have suspected I was going to say, there is absolutely no substitute for the written word, especially when it comes to design books.  Call me old fashioned (I can take it!) but there is something irreplaceable about holding the printed word in your hands.  It's like touching a mini masterpiece and I don't think anything digital can ever replace that.  I own bookshelves full of different kinds of books and I consider them to be among my most prized possessions but my interior design books are like good friends who come to visit on a Saturday afternoon.  (They go best with a cup of something warm and anything sweet!)

I believe that a good book should move the you.  It should take you somewhere new, change you even, and help you to see something you have never experienced before.  My recommendations today are books that have done that for me for differing reasons, but all are a visual feast that I go back to over and over again.

These are the Best Interior Design Books that your bookshelves might just be hoping you will buy...

  1. Remodelista:: Loaded with page after page of recommendations for any style & packed with ideas that will keep you coming back time & time again.
  2. Black and White (and a Bit in Between) :: Each page is a magical collection of furnishings & objects that work from timeless classics with dramatic accents.
  3. Domino: The Book of Decorating::If you don't own this one, just go buy it.  It's incredible!  There's a reason this magazine had a near cult like following!
  4. The Natural Home:: This book is a gift from the supernatural.  Truly Mind Blowing for anyone who has ever longed for something raw and real.
  5. Hans Blomquist in Detail :: If you want to get better at creating small vignettes, or just want an accompaniment for #4, this book will take you places.  For Real.
  6. Decorate :: If you want ideas, this book has over 1,000 that will really help you take ideas to completed spaces.  This book is about getting it done.
  7. Design*Sponge at Home :: Looking for the cool and unexpected plus a few DIY's to help keep the budget down?  This book's got you covered!
  8. Windsor Smith Homefront :: Longing for a little Glamour & a dose of modern practicality?  Why not throw in a horse, some elegance, and a taffeta dress?
  9. Undecorate :: Prefer to let everyone think you look this great without any effort or just can't be bothered with the rules?  Undecorate will change your life!
  10. Anouska Hempel :: Aching for something unusual, different, & extraordinary that will literally take you to places you have never been?  Anouska, all the way.
  11. The Things That Matter :: Dive into the world of one of our time's interiors icons with behind-the-scenes peeks at his favorite flea market finds & top rooms.
  12. Elle Decor: The Height of Style :: If Chic Rooms are your things, start with the ultimate source of some of the world's most inspiring spaces.

Also, don't forget Monochrome Home, the ultimate guide in creating all varieties of monochromatic spaces.

And if country retreats are your cup of tea, Modern Pastoral will transport you immediately from the hustle and bustle of life!