Beige is the New Black and Beige is Back. Again!


Greige is back Just as we started to put the final coat of gray on the walls, rumors started to circulate that beige is back.  Is it?  Really?

The truth is that it never went out.  Not really.  We were talking about this six months ago.  Do you remember that?

Beige is back.  And it's the new black.  But where did it go?  Was it ever really gone? No, it is just constantly reinventing itself!

So, am I sending mixed signals when my entire house looks like a set from 50 Shades of Grey (minus the "fun" room, much to my husband's disappointment.)

Many of my clients are visiting newly remodeled homes and the grey walls actually turn them off.  They like their beige and I keep telling them that beige is great!  You shouldn't feel pressured to conform to every trend.  I think this line up of beige will remind you to do you.  If you are selling your house and you don't want to jump on the grey bandwagon, a beautiful neutral grayish beige is agreeable gray.  (Our temporary apartment was painted this color and I loved it!)

Here is some beige inspiration for all my beige lovers... and so-to-be converts!

Beige Blazer8448181706_2_6_1

Beige in the Bedroom


The Beige Cruffin2b830df745a561acfb2e1ceddc10df91

Beige Sneakers (via Girls on My Feet)


Shades of Beige

TDC Indie Home Summer.07



Beige Heel Collection (or flats!) photo via instagram


Beige & Hand Carved

World Market

Beige Wainscoting 9e761146f45953b4fda545273ba232bf

Beige Sweater + Bag (similar) photo via Shistrup

Beige is back

Coconut custard Tart


Tufted Velvet

Beige Tufted Bed

Beige Bathroom

Beige Bathroom

Beige Houndstooth

Beige Houndstooth

Beige Accents

Beige is back