Why Your Bedroom Needs A Power Bench

Power Bench Power Nap?  Power Lunch?  Forget them.  What you really need is the power bench.  These boldly patterned beauties will not only give your rooms a serious punch of style and playfulness, they are also practical.  Just think of all the ways you could use one... You will have somewhere to sit and chat with your partner or a stand in table to set books and flowers on.  If you or your children want a launching pad for a good jump into the bed... ok, maybe that's not the best use (but your kids will love you for it.)  Really, though, a place to sit and take off your shoes or to watch tv is always a nice addition to the bedroom.

My parents always had one and I have so many memories of wandering into my mom's bedroom while she is watching a movie in the evening and sitting on the bench at the end of her bed.  We've spent so many hours watching movies and chit chatting right there!  She recently opted for a new one that gives her added storage, too.

It is these little details, whether you have just moved into a new home or you have been there for ages, that really make your rooms feel special and personal.

Here are a few of my favorite power benches. Only one of these benches costs $599.  (Can you guess which one?  No cheating!)  The rest are ALL under $350! Power Bench | House of Valentina

Photo via One Kings Lane

  1. Cheetah Print $303
  2. Brown & White Zig Zag $287
  3. Bengali Blue Ikat $112.49
  4. Linen Ikat $329
  5. Black and White Stripe $599
  6. Falkland Admiral $284.99
  7. Navy Velvet, $319
  8. Indigo Batik $247
  9. Ink Black Leopard $199
  10. Bungalow Rose $78.99

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