What?! A Bathroom Renovation? When Did that Happen?


What?  A bathroom renovation?!

We knew we were buying a spiffer upper.  Without much done to it in over 20 years, much of the house needed some attention.  Fair enough, right?  We got an inspection.  BUT.  Apparently, the shower, while currently not leaking, is a major water leak waiting to happen since someone "fixed" it incorrectly at some point.  Lay blame where you want, but since we were already ripping down wallpaper, painting the vanities, and throwing the creepy carpet to the curb... well, we decided that we might as well do the job right.  Plus, this bathroom was TIRED.  And I mean, like almost in a coma it was so tired.  So much for having furniture in the rest of the house!

I have to tell you, though.  I felt almost panicked the minute I felt like we needed to tackle a total bathroom renovation.  It's a big undertaking!  And the possibilities are endless.  Well, not so endless in our budget, but still.  There are a lot of options.

And like a good realtor, I have to take my own advice and invest where I know I will get a great return.  That also means that we can't go crazy and install a bathroom that no one, ever, in a million suburban years would ever want to buy.  Hmph.  I hate it when I have to listen to myself!

Here's moments after the painters left after taking down the wallpaper...

So, what is the plan?  Here is one idea that I have been wrestling with:

Glamorous, Elegant, Modern, and Timeless Master Bathroom (That's a lot to fit into one space!)


Glamorous, Elegant, & Modern Bathroom Renovation :: House of Valentina

  1. Paint the vanities black and add new hardware.
  2. Add a chandelier over the bathtub.  This one might be a budget stretcher.  But it's PRETTY!
  3. Traditional Lighting over the Vanities.  These are on sale!
  4. Marble or a Marblesque Tile
  5. Grey subway tile
  6. New Faucets that don't look are are SO classic!
  7. Penny Tile for a shelf in the shower and for the shower floor.
  8. The most amazing Vanity Bench.  EVER.  Again.  Pricey.
  9. And, if I really get my dream... This Modern + Black Tub.  (But my youngest is going to kill me for taking his jetted tub!)