Bathroom Break for Beauty!



Anxious.  That's how I've been feeling about the bathroom remodel we are in the midst of.  I expected it which I think helps, but I needed to take a bathroom break for beauty.  I don't want to think about any more cracks or delays or anything else for a few minutes.  I am grateful to be able to have the bathroom remodeled, but it's not cheap.  And it's not like we have an endless supply of money.  We really need to make this remodel count so if we ever need to resell our home it's a worthy investment for us.

When you guys get stressed how do you deal with it?  I start seeking beauty.  It's been a habit of mine for years and it always works like a charm!

The moment I saw the first photo of this home tour I knew I would love every inch. (or should I say cm since it's in Denmark?)  It's quirky.  It's moody.  It's intriguing.  And it's calming...  and much cheaper than therapy!

Plus, there are so many great ideas packed into each photo!  No, really, it's literally packed with stuff and I LOVE it.  The dressing room may be my personal favorite, though.

What about you?  What do you think?  Would you love to live in this home?









All photos: Elle Decoration Photography: Marcus Lawett  Stylist: Karolina Vertus