Bringing The Art Filled Farmhouse To The Suburbs


Art Filled Farmhouse Few people hear "Locust Rest and Tea Room" and immediately want to throw down their money on an old Farmhouse, which is very lucky for Andrew and Michael.  Apparently the idea of locust stopping by for rest and tea didn't deter them a bit!

This 18th century farmhouse has had its fair share of visitors, especially from its turn-of-the-century days when it was an inn (for people, not locust), but these days guests aren't paying to stay... though many probably would!

Brimming with artwork and antiques, a side effect of owning a successful antiques shop in a small town, this pair have turned this art filled farmhouse into a place of curiosity and inspiration.  Published in the November issue of Country Living, I was smitten the moment I saw it and immediately bought the issue.  The biggest question I am asking at the moment is this:

Is it possible to bring some of the character and charm of this art filled farmhouse into our own suburban homes?  

I think the answer is absolutely yes!!  Here are a few things that could help add that old world character:

Buy vintage oil paintings, add furniture with a bit of patina, lay down worn looking rugs over newer flooring, and bring in lots of vintage books (I always stock up at Goodwill!)

Art Filled Farmhouse

Art Filled Farmhouse

Art Filled Farmhouse

 Art Filled Farmhouse

Art Filled Farmhouse Art Filled Farmhouse Art Filled Farmhouse

Does anyone else love this lovely home?  Here are a few more things that caught my eye:

A collection of vintage mixing bowls looks amazing when displayed together.

Little details such as antique candelabra sconces add a lot of character.

A beautiful club chair in blue can even be bought new!