Our New Apartment Living Room!


House of Valentina Apartment | Valentina Fussell Last week was a near blur with getting the kids ready for school.  It's definitely been emotional (for me) to get the kids enrolled, put them on yellow school buses, and launch into our new life here in the USA.  The kids are so excited, though, and they have great schools and new friends already.  It's hard to believe that it's been less than four months since we packed our shipping crate, left our home in Copenhagen, and set out to discover what new adventure awaited us!

This week I am studying hard for the real estate licensing class I have to take before I can take the licensing exam.  I am so excited to launch my own real estate business in such an incredible city!  I hope to share many of the new things we have discovered even in the short period of time that we have been back, but today I am sharing a little peek into our apartment living room.

The glass was broken on the cabinet during shipping, so it currently only has one door, but otherwise, the space is feeling pretty cozy.  I love that every piece in our room has a story and means something to us.  Even a stick is special when it reminds us of our walks in the woods in the Denmark countryside!  I'm starting to get emotional again.  Where did all this sentimentality come from?!

My goal with each space I create is to foster curiosity.  When I catch someone wandering through my rooms, peeking at all the little things, then I know I have done my job well!

House of Valentina Apartment | Valentina Fussell

House of Valentina Apartment | Valentina Fussell

Photography & Styling : Valentina Fussell