Anyone want to visit this French Garden with me?


In a Little Place

Called Paris

I’ve been kind of obsessing over Paris lately and I am not the only one who has the affliction. (I’m still trying to decide where to go and what to do for my 40th birthday this year. Yikes. Let’s not say that out loud too many times just yet!) The truth is that I have not always had the best of experiences in Paris. One time we stayed in an area where police would no longer go and felt genuinely afraid. We’ve been shoved, harassed, and the last time we went to sit under the Eiffel Tower found it utterly littered with trash.

So, the place isn’t perfect. Isn’t that everywhere? And the last time we went was so epic that we keep finding ourselves longing for the macarons, the baguettes, the florists, the museums… ok, we definitely do not have time to share all the reasons! It’s those things that keep up going back, right?


I love this show on Netflix!

Clearly I’ve got the bug! And recently while watching Montey Don’s French Gardens show on Netflix I found even more reason to hop on a plane. The Hermes rooftop garden. Bathed in light, thin crisp petals flickering in the breeze, apples reaching down from their branches just waiting to be plucked… on, yeah, I am not being overly dramatic here. This tiny little slice of paradise got me totally inspired to start thinking about my back garden. My had to return my table after it started falling apart last year, so I need to create a new space and all these little thoughts are now running through my head.

Don’t you think some of these same concepts could easily transfer to any “backyard” or garden, as I prefer to think of it!

And now that I realize Monty Don has an Italian Gardens show on Netflix, I am going to sign off and go drift off to sleep with visions of Italian vistas in my dreams! PS. I’ve bought most of Monty Don’s books on Amazon and if you purchase the Brit Box you can join me in my Anglophile geekiness! I LOVE watching British murder mysteries and gardening shows! I know. I’m such a bad ass.

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