AFTER :: The $15 Traditional Sunroom Makeover REVEAL!

Sunroom Makeover After | House of Valentina-4 If being uncomfortable or unhappy pushes us to try new things and move forward with our lives, then I am in trouble because my mom's $15 Traditional Sunroom Makeover is finished and the two of us have been enjoying this cozy spot  for days.  LA?  Nah.  Portland?  Where?  Adventure? Huh?

By simply moving pieces around, shopping in my mom's basement, and buying a $15 plant from Home Depot, we completely transformed my mom's sunroom.  Do you remember the before? ::

Sunroom Makeover Before| House of ValentinaBy using the green walls as a starting point, I balanced it and the dark wood floors with light by opening the blinds, making the white chairs and ottoman center stage, and then I convinced my Dad to help me move this piece from the hallway. (Everyone kept stubbing their toes on it because it was too big for it's location under the stairs.)

Arabian Nights

And yes, they actually moved the piece with me on it while serenading them with my best rendition of "Arabian Niiiights".  (What a diva!)  And, yes, clearly I get my photography skills from my mom.  It's not her fault.  She can't wink and has been nicknamed, "The Cyclops" for a reason. 

Since my mom is a hoarder (ahem.  "Collector."), this cabinet gives her much needed storage and a great place to display her travel finds and special memories.  For a long time she fell into the trap of decorating with travel themed items, but I'm slowly convincing her that she can achieve a well traveled look with books and pieces that blend seamlessly with those she has found on her trips.  (She is probably pulling a face while reading this.  She still likes all of her travel sayings.)

What do you think?  Take a peek around the room and let us know if you love the end result!

Sunroom Makeover After | House of Valentina-2 Sunroom Makeover After | House of Valentina-5 Sunroom Makeover After | House of Valentina-6 Sunroom Makeover After | House of Valentina

Photography: Valentina Fussell


 Sunroom Makeover :: House of Valentina

1. Vintage Italian Chandelier :: $1,495 (40%off!)  2.  Alpaca Wool Throw :: $169 (This one for only $39.95, too!)  3. Fig Tree :: $299 (Our palm was only $15 at Home Depot!)  4. Cherry Finished Side Table :: $1155  5. Ikat Blue Pillow :: $11.99  6 & 7. Slipcovered Arm Chair + Ottoman :: $1,259 + 599Sunroom Makeover :: House of Valentina

8. Vintage Chinese Planter  :: $549 9. Mercury Glass Accessories :: $24.50  10. Silver Picture Frame :: $20  11. Vintage Book Set :: $189 (Browse Here, too!) 12. Bird Lamp :: $949 13. Oversized Sideboard Storage :: $2,699 14. Succulent Collection :: $45