MODERN LIVING ROOM For those of us who have not had the good fortune to win the lottery, be born into wealth, or have children with straight teeth (thanks mom and dad for my braces. Who woulda thought those things could be so expensive?)... we need a little help on the budget side of things every now and then.

Enter CB2, a company that is so awesome, you might be tempted to kiss it on the smacker... if you could find it's lips.

Smooches aside, this company offers affordable modern pieces for those of us who still want to a taste of luxury without the price tag to match.  As if that were not enough, CB2 offers Room Tours that are packed with tons of great ideas for room arrangement, color schemes, and a blend of unexpected materials.  (I'm puckering up again!  These guys are awesome!)

Does this mean that I have surrendered my passion for supporting local designers, artists and a sustainable approach to design?  No.  But if you have just sold 90% of your possessions in the pursuit of your dreams, are living like fugitives, ready to pack and leave at a moment's notice, are living in an empty house with nothing more than a few beds on the floor, your dining table looks suspiciously like a picnic blanket and your tv stand is a bizarrely rigged cardboard box with a piece of plywood on top... well, you might just be considering a few of these items, too!  (Clearly, I am not referring to my own state of being and this is only for the sake of hypothesizing!)

Even if life has not brought you to such dire straits, you may want to check out the new releases at CB2.  They are even offering 15% off sleeper sofas... just in case you need multi-tasking furniture!

(I'm not getting paid to say any of this, but if you click through the links and find something you want to take home, I get a tiny little commission which I will use towards... you guessed it... furniture!)

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

This leather chair is DIVINE.


The Modern Lighting in this office is so cool! The industrial table + that horse in the background are on my wish list, too!MODERN WORK SPACECan you BELIEVE this dressing table/desk?  Those sconces, that wallpaper, that bust + chair!


Get in my house, sofaThe rug + the Light, too!

This wallpaper is so pure, simple and yet adds the perfect amount of texture!


Want Serene but masculine?  The light, the bedding, the rug + the dresser will get you there.


Yet another stunning wallpaper + the stag + the slim frames are perfection.  That modern bar set is pretty cool, too!


The Sofa, the Marble Table, the leather chair, the rug, + those art deco sconces are epic!


Did you find anything you would love to have or want to add to your wish list?