A Touch Of Green Can Turn Neutral to Wow!



You want to turn your neutral to wow?  No problem.  Here are some ideas...

It's hard not to fall for a neutral home.  It's soothing, relaxing, and has an instant ability to make one feel at ease.  The only trouble is that neutral homes have gotten a bad reputation over the years for being Boriiing.  Yawn.  Yawn.   Nobody likes to be called boring, most especially your home.  Today's home tour comes straight from the pages of Vogue Australia, which as you might have already been guessing, is one of the last places you will find boring.

With small pops of green through greenery and wallpaper these rooms have serious wow factor.  (My favorite is the room with the wallpaper within the molding... or perhaps the kitchen.  I can't decide!)  Adding a punch of color through pattern or an arrangement of big leafy stems make your neutral preferences stand out while still maintaining your love for the calming affect.




Neutral To Wow





Neutral To Wow

Neutral To Wow

All photos: Vogue Australia

Are you ready to add a punch of green to your interiors?  Here are a few ways for all budgets!

These Foo Dog lamps have serious wow factor,

This Palm Branch Pillow is budget friendly and oh so cool!

I kid you not.  I found you budget friendly Palm Wallpaper!  One roll is enough to do a small area!

These turquoise curtains are not only stunning, they are budget friendly & come with hemming tape!

This Palm Bedding is affordable, elegant, and light hearted.  What more could you ask for!

Want to stick to your neutrals?  Cheetah is a neutral!