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Swedish Country Home :: Featured on House of Valentina I wasn't a terribly naughty child, but always a very curious one.  If someone said I wasn't suppose to go somewhere, that pretty much meant to me, "sneak in after hours and check the place out", so every now and then I would creep into the two rooms of our house that were absolutely off limits to children... the formal living room and dining room.  I usually got caught.  First, it was the fact that I had left footprints in the neat rows of vacuumed carpet.  My mom's screams could be heard through the house and a quick measurement of my feet guaranteed a good telling off.

Of course, that was only further invitation to figure out NEW ways of entering those rooms without getting caught, so the next time I tried standing on the lamp base and leaping onto the couch.  I missed the first few times.  And got caught, of course.  Then I tried MOVING things every so slightly so I could reach without leaving evidence in the way of a human outline on the carpet, but this method ended with a finger in my face and another telling off.  My mom knew I had moved things because their were indentions in the rug from the furniture.

Pretty much everything was breakable in there and unless we were dressed up with curls and a raging party was going on, those rooms remained intact.  But eventually I realized that I could volunteer to vacuum the room and cover ALL my tracks.  Hah.  I showed her!  Clearly my mom won that one!

Did any of you grow up with formal rooms that were off limits to kids?

Perhaps that is why I fell completely in love with the home of Malin Persson, a former Swedish model, who shares her remodeled home with her Italian husband and their three kids.  It feels alive, welcoming to all, and no room feels so formal that spy techniques will be required to enter them.  Located in Malmo, Sweden, just across the bridge from Copenhagen, this home is a beautiful blend of Modern Swedish design and Old school Italian homeyness. My favorite photo is the one of Malin squirting Heinz ketchup on her kid's food.  Now, this is a home where kids can live!

Informal China Cabinet :: Home of Malin Persson

White Dining Room

White Dining Room Luxurious + Comfortable Living RoomClean, Simple + Elegant Bathroom

Mood BoardInspiring Work Space

Modern + Traditional Blended Kitchen in Sweden

Traditional + Modern Swedish Kitchen :: Featured on House of Valentina

Old + New Swedish Style

Relaxed Swedish Bathroom :: Featured on House of Valentina

Restored Swedish Country Bathroom

Beautiful Scandinavian Kid RoomAt home with Malin Persson


Photos via Milk Decoration, Photography: Petra Bindel