8 Simple Ways to Create An EPIC Art Wall

Boy Art Wall2 | House of Valentina.jpg

You may have been to Hell n' back but until you've got the art wall to prove it, someone might think you're faking it.

Here are 8 simple ways to create an EPIC ART WALL that will wow even the most skeptical of observers, but best yet, will inspire more adventures and wanderlust.  (Plus a video to show you just how awesome exploring close to home can be!)

1. Stop being so BORING.  Making everything the SAME and overly uniform does not have that "wind in the hair" feel to it.  So lose the uniformity.

2. Mix Your colors, not just with your frames but the contents, too.

3. Use yours and/or your kids art for a truly one-of-a-kind display.

4. Forget the frames.  Tape up memorabilia and even special awards.  Anything goes!

5. Choose a great color that will pull your color combination together.  

6. More is more.  Pack it in.  Feel free to add more later.

7. Keep the rest simple.  If your art wall is going to be the focus, give the eye a place to rest.

8. Use what matters.  Don't just buy stuff to fill the wall, but use those precious things that are tucked away in the drawer or the attic.  Family photos look great with travel memorabilia!

Valentina Fussell2 Comments